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Natural Tusk and Turquoise Shell Necklace, Bin Ban Beach Dingle, Ireland.  KellyMarie Jewellery Design
It has been a little while since my last entry here! But I would like to introduce some of my work through this blog to you all.  As you can see from my website, I work with a variety of different styles of jewellery including, Shells, Wirework, Semi Precious Pieces, Beads and Sterling Silver.
Today,I would just like to say a little bit about my shell collection:
This idea was my first adventure into jewellery making over 20 years ago now! But in between then and now I had put the idea on hold, gone off to college and travelled a bit only to come back to the same ideas, ready to develop them into what is now an ongoing, ever changing original collection.  This collection started with inspiration from Bronze Age jewellery, that was discovered to incorporate natural tusk shells, this together with the colours, history and Irish landscape fuels the ongoing inspiration for all these unique pieces.
I hope you enjoy browsing my natural shell collection!
Close up Natural Tusk Shell Necklace, with Sterling Silver, KellyMarie Jewellery Design, Handmade in Dingle     KellyMarie Jewellery Design, Natural Tusk Shell, Sodalite & Sterling Silver Necklace.  Designed & Handmade in Dingle

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